Troy Caravan

TROY Towing Caravan
A caravan with its own character

A character made of comfortability, colorful interior-exterior color combination, and compact dimensions; Troy is a modern design to reshape your understanding about holiday.

It offers you the concept of modern comfort as a standard. Extra products and accessories are part of Troy that you will not find in any other optional device.

It is designed to help you escape from your daily routine, suspending in the flow of time and creating pleasant breaks to make your holidays more and more comfortable.

General Features
  • Spacious Interior: Our family-friendly towable caravan offers a spacious and comfortable interior for your family of four. It provides cozy sleeping areas, seating arrangements, and storage spaces.
  • Double-Deck Bed System: The double-deck bed system offers a comfortable sleeping area exclusively for your children and helps you maximize space during the night.
  • Convertible Seating Area: The ample seating area is perfect for family gatherings and meal times. It can be used as a seating area during the day and transformed into a sleeping area at night.
  • Fully-Equipped Kitchen: A practical kitchen assists you in meal preparation and cooking. It includes a refrigerator, stove, oven, and storage space.
  • Modern Bathroom: A modern bathroom with a toilet and shower combination provides comfortable use.
  • Solar Panel Option: Optional solar panels offer an environmentally friendly solution to meet your energy needs.
  • Child Safety: Specially designed child safety measures create a secure environment for your little ones.
  • Storage Solutions: Ample storage options are designed to keep your holiday belongings organized.
  • Eco-Friendly Technologies: It presents a caravan option designed with energy efficiency, recyclable materials, and eco-friendly systems.
  • User-Friendly Systems: Equipped with user-friendly technologies for tasks such as towing and parking.


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