Drive and Cruise

Different recreations meet in one…

Our new product, a combination of nomadic, minimalist lifestyle and comfort and luxury, adjoins different purposes by keeping up with the ever changing world dynamics


Collaborating with successful and experienced architects and designers in different fields, we continue to offer an innovative and a cutting edge product beyond limitations; It combines the "outdoor" lifestyle with comfort and safety, equipped with high quality design and engineering features.

We move away from the distinction of "on land or at sea" and greet you with a brand new product where you can only be where you want to be, whenever you want!

Hotomobil - Gladius

Our "GLADIUS" is the outcome of the advanced technology and innovative perspective of our R&D department combined with our profound production skills. You can use it along with one of our most popular models: Gladiator and Gladiator XL, both with your pick-up truck on land and as an 8-meter boat at sea. We are proud to announce that this new member will be joining the Hotomobil family very soon...

Hotomobil - Gladius
Hotomobil - Gladius